Our clients are publishers, universities, technology companies, and broadcasters.

Together, we have enlivened every subject in K-16 education; created more than a thousand skills-based programs for adults in healthcare, industry and trades; and delivered timely continuing education to professionals and C-suite executives worldwide.

We synthesize challenging content and apply best teaching practices for success in classrooms, boardrooms, and on the job.


Our Partners

As educators, communication experts and instructional designers, we are trusted partners to the world’s top publishers, universities, broadcasters and distributors, including:

Fabian Baber

is now

Immediacy Learning

Founded in 1990 by partners Rhonda Fabian and Jerry Baber, alumni of the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania, the company mission and core values have remained unchanged over time.

Our mission is to create curriculum-based media for delivery across traditional and emerging distribution networks that improve education, advance better health, and enable social awareness by inspiring, informing, and connecting our learners with the resources they need, when and where they need them.

Wholly-owned by the partners, Fabian-Baber set the standard for educational media that is diverse, inclusive, aligned to core curriculum, and technically excellent. In 2017, the company changed its name to Immediacy Learning to reflect the changing needs of learners for content that is customized, more granular, personal, and timely.

An Emphasis on Animation

Our diverse in-house and freelance animators are a special community of broadcast veterans, independent filmmakers, entrepreneurs, and young talent fresh from top art schools. Using a team-focused and mentor-mentee model, each project is assigned a ‘family’ of animators who share stylistic compatibilities and competencies. Using mobile applications, daily work is critiqued almost immediately by our senior editors and project managers. Clients are consistently amazed that our ‘rough cuts’ are typically very close to finished product.

Immediacy Learning | What’s in a name?

Social psychologist Albert Mehrabian is credited with first defining the principle of immediacy in learning as “the perception of physical or psychological closeness.” While Mehrabian initially focused on nonverbal and verbal communication; today his theories have been expanded to include online learning.  Effective use of immediacy techniques can bridge the psychological distance between educator and learner. These practices are linked to significantly improved learning outcomes. In other words, immediacy can be understood as practices that reduce perceived distance between people.


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